Adventures on Earth

There's a lot to see, to hike, to photograph, to write about. These are attempts at taking all of it in.




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    thirteen photos on flickr

    above Max Patch

    eight photos on flickr

    the keyhole

    Ross Marble Quarry, Ijams Nature Center

    13 photos from snow in the national forest

    Harmon Den

    Pisgah National Forest


    Ozone Falls


    Ozone Falls

    photos on flickr

    Two friends that have met on a mountain may always claim that as their level, and their souls may always sail out over hills that are hard to climb…

    Sidney Lanier, in his novel “Tiger Lillies”

    see the mountain?

    Sandia Peak, New Mexico


    At this point, so far removed from the CO/NM trip, it’s becoming unlikely that I’ll write about it. But I should. I wrote stuff in my Field Notes. Maybe I’ll scan those…

    take it all in

    Herman Gulch, Colorado

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