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    Rocky Mountain NP. That’s Longs Peak in the Background. View from the Flattop Mountain Trail.

    in the snow

    Pisgah National Forest, NC

    Harmon Den

    Pisgah National Forest


    Pisgah National Forest, NC

    back in the cirque

    view from (near) the top of Flattop Mountain, RMNP

    Me, looking down into Herman Gulch

    The view from 30,000 feet

    Gosh it’s pretty

    Looking southwestish on the descent into Anchorage. Taken and edited on my iPhone 4.

    I have seen and been in more snow this winter than I did in the previous 20 years combined. I don’t have official data to prove it, but it’s true. Add another foot or so in places from yesterday’s hike to the vague total of accumulation.

    Roan Highlands

    Monday was easily one of my favorite hikes.

    With a day off from classes and nothing to do, it was the best chance I’ll get for a while to do a longer hike that’s over two hours away. Got up, got ready, and started driving towards Johnson City, then down through Elizabethton and Roan Mountain State Park (stopping at the visitor center to buy some great maps of the AT through TN & NC), and then parked on the state line up at snowy Carvers Gap (elev 5512 ft). The trail plan was twofold: first, hike west along the AT up to Roan High Knob (the highest peak on Roan Mountain) and return to Carvers Gap, from where I would then hike east out to Grassy Ridge and back. That’s a littles less than a 10 mile hike when you add it all up, but when I set out it looked like I might not even make it up to Roan High Knob.

    The roads were clear of snow, but the ground and the forest were definitely not. A good foot covered the ground almost everywhere, two feet in many places. Luckily for snowshoeless me, it wasn’t fresh snow, so it had been packed down and frozen over, making it a little easier to walk on top of. But just a little. Looking back now, I don’t think I was on the AT for the first couple tenths of a mile, but it’s not like I could see the footpath in the first place. I just followed the tracks of hikers before me, and the guy I followed apparently trudged off into the woods cutting his own trail til he rediscovered the AT. His footprints were about my size, but he’d cut through fresh snow, so I had to mimic his footfalls by stepping directly into the foot deep holes he’d made. This was not very efficient hiking.

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    Looking west from Grassy Ridge. See the rest of the photos here.

    Some skis would have made the descent from Roan High Knob a lot quicker on this road.

    Frozen Head State Park

    Yesterday afternoon, I hiked around 4 miles at Frozen Head State Park. About 2/3 of this was on-trail, and the rest was me trying to make the most of my time there since I’d wasted so much of it by driving to places that weren’t Frozen Head State Park.

    I got off I-40 at Harriman and then took 328 up to SR-299, because on Google Maps there’s a protected area labeled “Frozen Head State Park” up there. While this land very well may fall under the umbrella of the state park system, it isn’t the Frozen Head State Park that I was going for. No signs, no trails, no nothing, and pretty small. That’s what I get for all of the sudden deciding to go hiking and then just eyeballing Google Maps, though. Should’ve actually, you know, searched for the park. Running out of gas, I stopped in Wartburg to fill up and get good directions. This time I found the real Frozen Head State Park, about an hour later than planned.

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    Colorado from Chaney Swiney on Vimeo.

    Shots from a weekend in Colorado. The heavy snow is all from just south of Breckenridge, on Quandary Peak and the Mohawk Lakes Trail. Most of the other shots are from a drive south down highway 24 along the Sawatch Range.

    Everything was shot on a my D7000, and all but one shot was through the basic 18-55 lens. Some of the early stuff in the video is 24fps, which turned out pretty shaky. That could've just been me, though. Everything else is in 30 fps.

    Music: "Colorado" by The Rentals

    Two minutes and thirty nine seconds of moving pictures to wrap up the posts from the Colorado trip. The shots of the heavy snow are all from just south of Breckenridge, on Quandary Peak and the Mohawk Lakes Trail. Most of the other shots are from the drive south down highway 24 along the Sawatch Range and the Collegiate Peaks. All shot on the D7000.

    Music: “Colorado” by The Rentals

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